The Disco Rats

As you turn the corner, off the city street and into a side alley, you can sense a party already in progress. The music gets louder and the lights get brighter as you approach a small, glowing cardboard box. You peek inside to find....

Our Contributing Creators!

Hannah Williams (She/Her)

Hannah is a nerd, mom, fantasy lover, and multi-media Artist. If she is not painting murals or playing with her children, then you can find her scheming on how to save the world through independent publishing. Hannah is the founding rat-brain behind this crazy adventure.

You can find Hannah's personal work on her Instagram

Heath Haack (He/Him)

Heath is a dog dad, multi-media Artist, and modern day cryptid. You can find him lurking around local art venues and luring unsuspecting victims into collaborations. Disco Rat would not be alive without his constant efforts.

You can find Heath's work at his website

Joel Burdick (He/They)

Joel is a nerd, medieval hobbyist, and published Fiction Author. If they are not practicing archery, then you can find them inventing and telling stories.